After School

Read this before you send your child to the Library after school


We see 75 or more unattended children between 3 and 4 pm and we need each of them to be good library citizens!


Please talk to your children about the following behavior expectations:   


  • Pick up any trash they leave on the lawn or floor and throw it away in a garbage can

  • Keep our entrances clear so people can come and go

  • Keep our building and lawn free of shouting, roughhousing and ball throwing

  • The adult and young adult areas of the Library are quiet spaces; please keep your voice low in those areas.  The Children's Library and After School Space in the East Montpelier Room are good places for kids to have conversations.


If your child is 8 or younger, someone 16 or older must be with them when they visit the Library.  


  • We have 2 Librarians working in the Children's Library.  We cannot supervise individual children. 

  • There is no supervision outdoors. 

Using the Library's Phone


  • Your child may use the Library phone for a brief check-in only.  Children should not be using our phone to chat or arrange play-dates.

Please Introduce Yourself

  • ​If your child is here regularly after school, we encourage you to stop by and introduce yourself and your child to us!

  • Even older children don't always know their parents/guardians' phone number.  Consider signing up for a library card, or updating the information on your library account so that we can help your child reach you if they need to. 


See our complete Rules of Conduct and our Youth Behavior Expectations before you send your child to the library without a grown-up.

Our New After-School Space


    Through the generosity of a Library donor, we are currently renovating the East Montpelier Room in the Library basement to serve as an additional hang-out space for after-school hours. 

    We have (or will have in the next few weeks) new flooring, paint, and sound absorbing ceiling panels.  We've added new chairs & tables, plus sofas & comfy chairs, games, art supplies and headphones for children who bring electronic devices.  

    The East Montpelier room will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 during the school year.    


Weekly After-school Activities

All weekly after-school activities take place in the Children's Library.  Drop-in any time between 3-5!

Tuesdays: Sign up or drop in for some one-on-one chess time.

Wednesdays: Create your own fuse bead design!

Fridays: Featured Board Games