After School

Important Changes in our After School Services for Fall 2020


Unfortunately we are not able to open our after-school hang out space when school starts this fall. 


We are still operating under limited occupancy and some parts of our building are still closed to the public; including the children’s library. 


Only 10 patrons are allowed in the building at any given time. 


Sadly, this means that students who previously hung out at the library for 30 minutes or more after school will need to make other arrangements this fall.  We will let you know as soon as this changes!

If your child does make a brief visit to the Library, the following rules still apply


Please talk to your children about the following behavior expectations:   


  • Pick up any trash they leave on the lawn or floor and throw it away in a garbage can

  • Keep our entrances clear so people can come and go

  • Keep our building and lawn free of shouting, roughhousing and ball throwing

  • The areas of the Library that are currently open are quiet spaces; please keep your voice low in those areas. 


If your child is 8 or younger, someone 16 or older must be with them when they visit the Library.  


  • We cannot supervise individual children and there is no supervision outdoors.

Using the Library's Phone


  • Currently only library staff members are allowed to handle the phones.  If your child needs to reach you, we will call and relay their message.  

Please Introduce Yourself

  • ​We encourage parents of children who use the library independently to stop by and introduce themselves and their children!

  • Even older children don't always know their parents/guardians' phone number.  Consider signing up for a library card, or updating the information on your library account so that we can help your child reach you if they need to. 


See our complete Rules of Conduct and our Youth Behavior Expectations before you send your child to the library without a grown-up.