Board of Trustees

We are currently seeking a Montpelier resident to join our Board of Trustees.  We seek to have a Board that reflects the diversity of the communities that we serve.

  All are welcomed and encouraged to apply!

Any interested parties from any of our member towns (Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Montpelier and Worcester) are welcome to learn more about becoming a trustee of the library.  Please fill out the online application if you'd like to be considered for a future opening.  ​

Current Trustees

Bridget Asay.jpg

Bridget Asay -  President, Montpelier                     

Judy Walke.jpg

Judy Walke  Vice President,


City Council Nominee


Sue Zeller - Vice President,


Sarah Seidman.jpg

Sarah Seidman - Secretary,



Tim Donovan.jpg

Tim Donovan - Treasurer,



Sarah ID Pic.png

Sarah Davis - Worcester

Craig Durham.jpg

Craig Durham - Montpelier

Dan Greene.jpeg

Dan Greene  - Berlin

Dan Groberg.jpg

Dan Groberg  - Montpelier

Craig Line.jpg

Craig Line - Calais


Jennifer Myka - East Montpelier

Tai Nixa Peterson Head Shot.jpg

Tai Nixa Peterson - Berlin

Graham Sherriff - Montpelier

City Council Nominee


Trustees are elected for three-year terms, and may serve up to three consecutive terms. 

Two of Montpelier's trustees are nominated by the Montpelier City Council.