Library Trustees

Trustees are elected for three-year terms, and may serve up to three consecutive terms. 

Two of Montpelier's trustees are nominated by the Montpelier City Council.

Executive Committee

Amy Cunningham - Board President,


Steve Gold  Vice President,


Bridget Asay - Vice President,


Rachel Muse - Secretary, Montpelier

                            City Council Nominee

Susan Zeller - Treasurer,




Tim Donovan -

Board Member, Montpelier

Dan Greene  - Board Member


Dan Groberg  - Board Member


Bonnie Johnson-Aten - Board



Craig Line - Board Member,                                Calais

Penny Marwede - Board Member


Jennifer Myka - Board Member

                             East Montpelier

Sarah Seidman - Board Member


Graham Sherriff - Board Member


Judy Walke -

Board Member,

Montpelier City Council Nominee

Interested in possibly becoming a Trustee? 

We currently do not have any open seats, however.....

any interested parties from any of our member towns (Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Montpelier and Worcester) can always submit their interest in being a trustee and we will consider applicants as seats open up.

Interested parties can find out more information about being a Trustee

by clicking here.