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Borrow from the Library

Borrow Items

  • All Library materials check out for two weeks, except museum passes which checkout for three days.

  • You may borrow up to 25 items per library card.

What if the Library doesn't own the item I want?

  • We can borrow from other libraries.  Find out more on our Interlibrary Loan page.

  • You can ask us to buy new items to add to our collection.  Find out more on our New Material Request page.


Place a Hold

  • If the library owns the item you would like to borrow, but it's checked out to another patron, you may place a hold.

  • Place holds online at any time with your account in the Library catalog, or by emailing

  • You can also place a hold over the phone or in-person when the Library is open.

    • Once it is available, we will let you know by email or phone that your item is ready to be picked up.

    • You have 5 days to pick up your hold once you are notified that it is ready. 


Renew Your Items

  • Online at any time with your account in the Library catalog, or by emailing

  • Over the phone or in-person when the Library is open.

  • As long as nobody else is waiting for the item you borrowed, you may renew it 4 times, except for items borrowed from another library which can only be renewed once, or museum passes which cannot be renewed at all.  

Why wasn't I able to renew?

  • Another patron has placed a hold on the item you're trying to renew.

  • Your account is blocked due to a billed item.

  • Your contact information needs to be updated (required once per year by our library management software).  Call or email us and we can help!


Return Your Items

  • 24/7 in either of our outdoor book drops.

  • We empty our book drops 15 minutes prior to closing each day.  Items returned to the book drops after that time will be checked in the following day.


Get Email Reminders

If you have an email listed on your patron account you may receive the following automatic reminders:

  • Your items are due in 2 days

  • Your items are 3 days overdue

  • Your items are 2 weeks overdue.


     Note: You are responsible for returning or renewing items on time, even if you did not receive an email reminder.  You can request a receipt with your due date at check-out, and you can check your account online.  If you aren't sure when your items are due, please ask us!

Check Your Account Online

Click the search our catalog button, then enter your library barcode number + password. Full instructions here.


Lost or Damaged Materials

  • We consider an item more than one month overdue as "lost".

  • We consider an item "damaged" if it's returned wet, broken, chewed, etc, to the point where we can't fix it or continue to lend it.

  • A librarian will call you and then mail a bill for lost or damaged items.  Patrons with billed items can't borrow until those items are returned or paid. 

  • If you have lost or damaged an item and you would prefer to supply a replacement, you must ask the Library Director.

  • If you return a lost item within three months of paying for it, you can request a refund.

  • You cannot return or replace items more than 1 year overdue; by that time we will have had to buy a replacement, and need to be reimbursed to offset that cost. 

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