Local Motion E-bike Lending Library Coming to Montpelier!

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Hi folks! Would an e-bike make your life easier? Find out for free!


Local Motion’s E-bike Lending Library will be in Montpelier from May 24 to Jun 18, 2021.


Borrowers from Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Montpelier and Worcester will be able to reserve an e-bike for two days to find out how these bikes can replace car trips and transform their daily transportation needs.

Library patrons can make an online request giving contact information, preferred e-bike model and loan date at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/e-bike-lending-library-tickets-151231773305


Check out will be outside the Kellogg Hubbard Library at 9AM on Mondays and Thursdays during this four week period.

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Two e-bike models are available for loan: a cargo bike (Radwagon 4) and a standard bike (Ride1Up 500 Series), both have an electric assist that helps riders get around with less effort and scale hills that previously seemed impossible.

Ticket requests for these limited 2-day loans (maximum of 16 patrons) may need to be selected by a ‘raffle’. You will receive a confirmation by email or phone at least one week before check-out date.


Those interested in a shorter ‘demo’ of these two bikes can make a reservation (first come first served) for hourly spots at the Capital City Farmers Market on Saturdays 9AM through to 1PM using the link:  https://www.localmotion.org/travelingebikes


Email the Montpelier e-bike lending library coordinator Hanif Nazerali with any questions at hnazerali@cs.com or ask for help at the library's main desk.


E-bikes are a transportation option that is becoming more familiar and necessary. The goal of this program is to introduce Vermonters to how they can be incorporated into everyday life and replace car trips. From commuting to work to picking up groceries and carrying kids to school, e-bikes provide an extra boost of power that makes miles feel shorter and cargo feel lighter.

Safety is our top priority, so the Lending Library volunteers are adhering to all COVID-19 related government safety regulations and recommendations. Masks are required at pick-up and drop-off.