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Top 5 reasons to become a KHL Sustainer

KHL Sustainers are special donors who make ongoing monthly contributions in support of the Library. Making a monthly gift is one of the best ways to support KHL. Let's count the reasons why...



Your gift will make a real impact in Montpelier and the surrounding communities.

The KHL service area has a population of over 17,000. Thanks to the generous support of monthly donors, KHL is able to keep essential services and programs free and accessible to all community members year-round.


Every month, you'll know that you're helping to empower your fellow community members to become lifelong learners.

Supporting KHL means you understand the importance of easy access to materials, online resources, educational programs, and a welcoming place.


KHL is committed to being a resilient, inclusive, and innovative library.

The needs of our communities are constantly changing, as we saw with the Covid-19 pandemic. Your monthly donation will ensure that we can provide services beyond traditional books, such as e-books, audiobooks, museum passes, and online classes. As well as maintaining accessibility through home delivery, outreach, and VT’s A.B.L.E. Library.


Unlike many other libraries, KHL is a 501c3 non-profit, which means 50% of our funding comes from the generosity of donors like you.

The Library provides access to a massive amount of information and entertainment completely free of charge to our patrons. Imagine in the last year you’ve borrowed five books, eight eBooks, three magazines, and six movies. Say you also attended one of our programs (virtual or in-person), borrowed one of our museum passes, and ordered a book through inter-library loan. The value of these items and services is over $300, or $25/month!


As a KHL Sustainer, you are personally helping every person who comes into the library to feel welcomed and represented.

Public Libraries belong to everyone. Here at KHL, we respect and embrace the wide range of diversity in the human experience. When you become a monthly donor, you will be contributing to our goal of representing these diversities in our collections, our building, and our programs and making a statement about the importance of KHL in your life and the lives of others.

As a KHL Sustainer, we'll send you a sticker as a thank-you!

Ready to become a KHL Sustainer?

Your monthly donation means that you are a part of the KHL mission. Every donation helps, and we appreciate your continued support.

"I took stock of what I was spending on subscriptions for things like Netflix, Hulu and other tech services -- some of which I barely use. Compared to a library that my family and I rely on, and that serves as such a hub for our community, it seemed ridiculous not to "subscribe" to Kellogg-Hubbard at the same level."

- Michael Dougherty

Library Patron & KHL Sustainer

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