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Give the Library a Lift! building projects:

Modernize & Upgrade the Elevator:

Physical access for all our patrons is an absolute necessity.  Kellogg-Hubbard’s elevator is old and unreliable. 

We must modernize and upgrade

it so every one of our patrons

can reach every part of the library. 

The elevator is the centerpiece of

our campaign to Give the

Library a Lift! and represents

our goal: a Library that can serve everyone in our community well into the future. $200,000

Improve Energy Efficiency:

Our environment and climate

demand that we find the smartest

ways to create a livable community

that cares for the earth. Our

highest priorities include

upgrading outdated and inefficient heating systems and completing our upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. $40,300

detail of heat pipes

Replace the front Book Drop:

The aging book drop by our front

door needs to be replaced with a

newer model that will keep patron returns dry and safe.  $6,500

detail of old book drop

Build our Maintenance Reserve:

Most of the items we are looking to fund are catch-up projects to make up for where we have fallen behind but this is only the beginning.  With this campaign, we are beginning a Maintenance Reserve to help us plan for anticipated major projects and be ready for the unexpected physical needs that necessarily come with a beautiful, historic building. This is seed money for a reserve that will need to grow much larger.  $90,000

Restore the building Exterior: 

The masonry on our facade requires skilled repair and the metal and woodwork in our addition need

some TLC, too.  Our historic

wooden windows require

serious renovation to make sure

that they remain fully

functional, as do the awnings

outside them. $120,500

detail of old window

Care for the Friezes:   

Kellogg-Hubbard houses three beautiful replicas of historical friezes: one from

the Parthenon and two from a

cathedral in Florence.  They

symbolize community, culture,

and unity and have graced our

walls since 1953. They are in

need of a good cleaning,

improved lighting and a documentation project so that visitors can benefit from their story and history.  $32,500

detail of greek friezes

Restore Interior spaces:  

With some small improvements,

the basement, including our

meeting room space, could be a

much nicer and more welcoming meeting room for community

members to use. In other places,

we need new carpets, curtains, and bathroom improvements.  $50,500

detail of wall damage

Improve outdoor landscaping:  

Our grounds are a community asset where school children can gather, readers can enjoy a book in the

sunshine, and walkers can enjoy a moment on a bench.  We can keep things beautiful and welcoming

with a few critical upgrades.  $9,700

detail of landscape plan
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