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Library Card Registration

Children Kindergarten-aged through 15 who live or attend public school in Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Montpelier or Worcester may sign up for a free Library card.

If you are 16 or older and would like to register for a Library card, please complete the form here.

If you live outside the towns listed above and attend a private school, your adult may sign up for a paid (out-of-town) Library card. 

Online registrations are temporary for 3 months; stop by to pick up your library card and we will convert your account to a regular, annual membership.


A parent or guardian should complete this form with you. 

Local Youth Registration

Town of Residence

Contact Information

Add your parent/guardian's email if they want to receive due date and overdue notices

Would you like our software to save your checkout history?
Wold you like to be added to our eNews list?

By clicking submit, you are taking responsibility for all materials checked out on this account.  Parents & guardians, you are also assuming full responsibility for any and all materials checked out on this account.  This includes making sure materials are returned on time and payment in full for lost or damaged items.  This card (and any related adult's cards) will be blocked for items more than 30 days overdue or for unpaid fees for lost or damaged items.

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