Outreach Services

The Kellogg-Hubbard Library provides library services to all patrons in our communities.  Our dedicated volunteers visit child care providers and community gatherings, they stock book exchanges and offer home delivery.  We also have online resources such as downloadable books and online research databases that you can access from any internet connected device.  

Child Care Providers

The Kellogg-Hubbard Library seeks to promote literacy through its outreach service to child care providers. Volunteers choose and deliver books to area day cares, often leading story time and assisting children in choosing books.


Through this service, we teach preliteracy skills and encourage an early love of reading as well as a love of the library. To learn more, or to volunteer, contact Heather Kralik at 223-4665, or, email: khloutreach@kellogghubbard.org


Community Gatherings

  • Adamant Annex

The outreach program maintains a library annex at the Adamant Coop. This provides easy library access to residents of East Montpelier and Calais. Patrons may also call the library and request specific materials to be delivered to the Annex.


  • Worcester Community Lunch and Old Meeting House Lunch

Kellogg-Hubbard Library brings the library to the towns of East Montpelier and Worcester by providing a limited selection of books for check-out at their weekly, mid-day community meals. Full library services are provided with patrons checking out, returning, and requesting library materials at these locations.


  • Westview Meadows

Westview Meadows is an independent/assisted living facility in Montpelier. Volunteers check-out large print books to supplement their library collection every six weeks.


Book Exchanges

Outreach maintains book exchanges at the following locations: The Red Hen Bakery, Cummings Laundromat, Elm Street Laundromat, Trinity Church, and the East Calais General Store.


At these sites, patrons choose books and are encouraged to return them, pass them along to others, and/or add their own books to the exchange collection.


Books exchange materials are give-away books that do not need to come back to the library.


Home Delivery

If you or someone you know is housebound and unable to visit the Library for a period of 2 months or longer; call (802) 223-3338 to find out about home delivery.


We will do our best to arrange pickup and delivery, and we're happy to help choose books that you might enjoy reading.  

At this time, home deliveries are available for patrons living in Berlin, Montpelier and Worcester.