Kellogg-Hubbard Library Strategic Planning 2022

What's Happening with longer term directional planning?

  • ​We finished our community data gathering at the end of April, with over 150 survey responses!

  • Our full staff and board have also been surveyed and have met/will meet to provide significant input.

  • Stay tuned for our draft goals in Late June/early July!

  • There will be another opportunity for community input before the goals are finalized.

Here's the question we're hoping to answer

How can the Kellogg-Hubbard Library serve more people, with more efficiency, expertise, and equity, in the years ahead? 

The Library exists to provide library materials and access to information free of charge and to promote and stimulate knowledge, culture and reading. It is a steward of the intellectual energy of the community and a resource to encourage life-long learning. Sustaining the library’s historic building and extensive day-to-day activities and programs is crucial, but the need to address what the library should be and do as its communities grow and change in the future is clear.

The Library’s last strategic plan was completed over a decade ago.  A wide range of community input is needed for this important process.

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Fiction Room 2022.jpg

The Kellogg-Hubbard library of the future will be a community hub, a people’s university and an information base. It will take prudent financial planning, extensive information-gathering, and the creative minds of all the communities served to make this goal a reality.