Donating to the Library

As an independent nonprofit organization, the Library is very dependent and

grateful to the taxpayers of the communities we serve for their annual

support, which provides about 50% of our revenue. We rely on donations and

fundraisers for 20% of our revenue, so your support is extremely helpful to us.

We simply could not do all that we do without your help. Thank you!



Donation by check: 

If you prefer to pay by check, please use this link to print a form and mail it in. 


Donating materials: 

Click here for information about donating materials.   

Other kinds of donations:


There are many other ways you can donate to the Library, including stock, mutual funds, bonds,

and gifts from a retirement plan.


In many cases, we can also accept tangible goods and in-kind donations, which may also be tax deductible.


If you would like more information about making a gift like one of these,

contact Jessie Lynn, Co-Director, at 223-3338 or