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Volunteer at the Library

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Our wonderful volunteers make many of our services possible, and help strengthen our connections to our community.


There are many opportunities to volunteer for the Library.  These include helping with the following activities:


Book sales: Sorting donations & restocking tables


Programs:  Helping with programs for adults and/or children.


Home Delivery: Contacting patrons, Delivering materials


Outreach: Book deliveries to daycares and outreach sites, Reading at daycare centers, Maintaining book exchanges.


Processing: Putting dust covers on new books, labeling, mending damaged books & DVDs


Shelving: Shelving books and materials, shelf facing (tidying), shelf reading (making sure materials are in the correct order)

As a first step, please fill out our volunteer application below.

We will follow up with you when a volunteer job is available, please note that not all volunteer activities are always available, not all volunteer activities are available to both youth and adult volunteers and some volunteer activities require a criminal background check.

Kellogg-Hubbard Library Volunteer Application
Volunteer Opportunities That Interest You

* = requires criminal background check

** = youth volunteers only

Thank you for applying to volunteer!

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