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Wednesday   December 7   1:00 -2:00
East Montpelier Room

Discuss The Ice House by Monica Sherwood.
Copies available at the library.
Snacks welcome!
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Announcing Topic for Hildene Lincoln Essay Competition 2023!

Audience: Curriculum Coordinators, Librarians, Language Arts and Social Studies Teachers of 8th graders, Middle School Principals, 8th Grade Home Study Teachers

Encouraging civil civic discourse, especially around difficult subjects, is a key part of Hildene’s mission. In this year’s competition,
Vermont 8th graders will consider the delicate topic of censorship.
Across the United States, the number of book challenges (attempts to remove or restrict access to a book based on its content) has increased dramatically—despite the fact that schools and libraries employ specific policies and procedures for choosing materials to include in their collections and curricula. In 500 words or fewer, please respond to the following: Choose a book, in consultation with a parent or guardian, from the Shortlist of Challenged Books* and read it, if you have not already. Imagine that there is a request to remove this book from your local public library, school library, or 8th-grade classroom and that you, as a student, have been asked to give your opinion about how the school or library should respond. First, identify at least one reason why someone might challenge this book. Second, state what action(s) you think the school or library should take in response to the challenge. Third, give two distinct, well-explained reasons why this is an appropriate response. Finally, describe what you think the potential long-term impacts of your recommendation would be if it were implemented.

First place winners receive $500, second place $400, third place $300, and up to four honorable mentions of $200 each which the judges may choose from anywhere in the state.
The deadline for submissions is February 12, 2023.
Please consult our website to identify your contest entry region and to find a complete application packet (*including the list of books, guidelines and tips):
Contact: Stephanie at or (802) 367-7960

Yours sincerely,
Stephanie Moffett-Hynds

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